Monday, 22 June 2015

Kerry Washington inspired makeup tutorial & May makeup haul.

We will just pretend (this month) that I didn't just buy practically all the makeup that my eyes spied.
  Ok maybe I didn't, but it sure felt that way.

So let's see what I bought during the month of May, shall we?

I was looking all over for this Bh cosmetics Missy Lynn palette.  Found it at a mall which is more than an hour and a half drive away from where I live.
I split up the products into eyes, lips, face and nails and they are pictured below.
 Jordana lipstick Natural & City Colour Mousse primer were both used in the Kerry Washington inspired makeup tutorial posted higher up in this blog post. I honestly did not think the City Colour mousse was going to work on my oily skin.  However it kept my skin matte for a couple of hours.  
 Have a look at the YouTube video if you didn't already. 
Here is a photo of the finished makeup look:

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

MAC cosmetics 'Wash and dry' collection dupes and makeup tutorial.

This photo is not mine.


A makeup product dupe is essentially a less expensive item which is either close or identical in colour to the item in question.  So when I saw that MAC was launching their summer collection, I thought it would be fun to hunt down some similar shades for a fraction of the price.

We will first have a look at the MAC Green Clean pearlfusion shadow trio.  It features a pale white green, a lime green and a dark khaki.   This is pictured below:

This is not my photo.

The next two photos show my dupes for Green Clean.   These are Malibu Glitz eye shadow Green, L'Oreal HIP matte shadow duo Perky and NYX glam shadow Aurora.


MAC lip colours in this summer collection are featured next.  Tumble dry and steam heat lipsticks are shown below, they are second and third in the photo:

This is not my photo.

My dupes for the aforementioned shades are seen here:
and here:
Left, Rimmel Kate lipstick #113.  Right, Revlon colourstay liquid lipstick Red Zinger.
As an art teacher, I enjoyed this 'colour matching' exercise.  I think I will be doing this more in the future!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sacha cosmetics review and April makeup haul.

I breathe a sigh of relief as I realize that my April makeup purchases are not as numerous as my March mayhem madness haul.

Once again I separated my purchases into eyes, lips with nails, then face.

First up are the eye products.

I cannot remember the last time I saw L'Oreal Paris High Intensity Pigments so I picked up these bright coloured shadows.  I've never seen the Pop beauty eye shadow product before - into my shopping basket it went. 

My lips, nails items are pictured below:

Do you see that neon coloured Ruby kisses nail polish?
  So hot.

The face products included some Sacha items and they can be seen in the photograph below.

I already had other Beauty Treats items so I said 'Powder?  Why not?' And in the basket they went.

The Sacha items can be seen in the upper part of the previous photo.  I had not tried these products in about ten years, so I was glad to find out that they had improved.  A lot.

 Sacha cosmetics originated in Trinidad and Tobago, so I really wanted to start using them again. 
I don't know what kind of sorcery they are using to make their Second skin foundation.  Whatever they are doing definitely works.  That foundation glides onto the skin and starts doing some sort of glow thing.  It's just amazing.

The powder sets the foundation nicely without a cakey effect.  Then the Fix it spray is used after you put on the rest of your makeup.  I like to wear the foundation at night because of its whole 'glowy' effect.  Really nice, Sacha.

I am including a photo where I wore these Sacha products below:

These Sacha products are reasonably priced and my only issue with their face powders would have to be the transfer of powder at times.  I usually don't wear it during the day for this reason.
What's your favourite product from April?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Leopard print, facial and Chinese takeout!

It's been approximately six years since I've had a professionally done facial.  Where did the time go?

At the spa, I was instructed to take off my dress.

For a facial?  The spa employee informed me that the procedure was extended to the shoulders, so they needed to be bare.

The steam treatment was wonderful, the extraction process was NOT 'slightly uncomfortable' as she claimed (I think I cried) and the locally made products were so soothing.  Here are the products used on my skin:

I thought my skin was alright before, but the post facial results were amazing!  From then on I decided that I should have facials done at least once every two months.

The rest of the day was spent running some errands and enjoying some Chinese takeout.



Saturday, 18 April 2015

Elf plumping gloss review and March makeup haul!

Blame my massive makeup purchase on the fact that there were a couple of sales and I could NOT say no.

   Don't judge me :p

There were so many products that I had to put them into three categories:  Eyes, Lips, Face with nails.

The eye products are pictured below:

Some of the eye makeup here that I have never tried include Physician's formula, Malibu glitz, Wet & Wild, Ruby kisses.  I can't wait to try them!

The face and nail products can be seen here:

The items that I tried before in this photo are the Jordana nail polish (other shades, not this one) and the green tea mask.  So many products, so little time!

The lip products are shown here:

The EOS lip balm is the second lip item here that I would like to try.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until my current Blistex lip balm is used up. 

I say the second lip item because I  first decided to use and review the Elf plumping gloss.
The plumping glosses are pictured here:

  While making the purchase, I missed the word 'plumping' on the packaging.  I am a dark skinned sister who already has her lip plumping action going on naturally lol.
     I put on the nudish colour for a church service, the gloss held up for two hours.  It was slightly sticky - I usually apply lip balm before gloss to combat this. 
I would recommend these glosses for simple day looks where you don't mind reapplying every couple of hours.  In addition, the nude and pink colours may not be suitable for the dark skinned sisters like myself.

You can also view my past makeup collection video below:

Have you tried Elf's plumping gloss?  What are your views?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

My workout wear wishlist!

So it is basically a couple of months away from the summer season.  On the Caribbean island where I reside, this means an abundance of beach parties.  That is when I realized that I kinda, sorta, conveniently forgot to go running for five whole months.


The hunt for trendy workout wear begins!

I checked out Next website to have a look at some cute sporty pieces.  You can follow this link to see their items  :

My present leggings collection consists of solid greys, blacks and beiges so I was quite happy to spy this hot floral striped number:

Sports bras are so important, they provide the necessary support when the tough gets going.  I saw one that would be perfect for jogging and high - impact sports here  You can also visit our Bra Fit guide to ensure maximum support:

A good pair of trainers or sneakers will prevent damage to your extremities while you move around.  I saw a pink Nike pair and fell in love.  See here:

  I will be fit and trending on the jogging track very soon, can't wait!
   What are your favourite sportwear items from Next?